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Cairns Pest Control® is a local Pest Control Company and a leader in professional Pest Control Services to the Cairns Region. With 55 years experience.

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Our highest priority  is SAFETY TO YOU And The ENVIRONMENT.

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  • “Reduced-Risk_Pesticide Program”

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Cairns Pest Control. Your First Choice For Professional Treatment

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    We Know Insects And How To Deal With Them

    We can identify what kind of insect problem you’re experiencing & supply a detailed quote promptly.Termites, to Spiders. Rodents to Cockroaches & all other Insects we are familiar with. All situations and building types are able to be treated.With 50 years experience Cairns Pest Control ® has the expertise to supply you with inexpensive affordable services.


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    Assistance & Advice

    If you’re looking for Termite Treatment or Pest Control in Cairns, your first step should be to contact Cairns Pest Control® on our hotline.  40454920. We are ready to help free.

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    Urgent Attention Assured

    In addition to our termite treatment services, we also offer a wide range of pest and rodent control procedures.Contact our Cairns pest control®  team today to discuss the kind of pest problem you are experiencing.We understand that this is often an urgent problem and will have a pest control consultant out to investigate as soon as possible.

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    Exceptional Problems We Are Here To Help

    The most environment thretening problem at the moment is the Tramp Ants, namely: "Fire Ants" and "Crazy Ants" The other pest is the Asian honey Bee. These pests should be reported when you find them or suspect them to be at your premises. Pest Control companies are prohibited from treating these ants unless under direction from Bio Security Australia (Gov). However they can treat Asian honey Bees. Contact Cairns Pest Control® for assistance. Helicopter treatments are carried out by contractors for Gov Departments..

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    Technology and Developments

    The Cairns Pest Control® Technician team use the latest technology and developments.  Management has initiated the most advanced methods and chemicals for extermination and prevention of Termites and other pests.  Your home is for life; you need to feel that the walls and floors are stable and will last.  Termite prevention will save you thousands in later days.  Don’t hesitate, do the right thing for your home today.  In regard to insects and rodents, don’t wait until the numbers are of a health concern.

    Company Details

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    Cairns Pest Control® uses consumable products only of the highest standards.  These products are a key component to our growing business.  We remain committed to the professionalism of the Industry and therefore strive to maintain and increase quality products.One of our major suppliers is Bayer Crop Science.  It is an international, research-based group with major businesses in health care, and high-tech materials.  Another supplier is Agserv Pty Ltd a National Australian company.  Termidor is the main chemical used for Termite Control.


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    Services & Treatments

    Cairns Pest Control® has 50 years experience in the service industry of pest control.  We supply information, conduct Consultations, Perform Inspections, Generate Written and Digital Reports, Issue Recommendations and Complete Pest Treatments.  We supply a Free Help service and all information relevant, supplied with services performed.Cairns Pest Control has an adopted policy, “Reduced-Risk Pesticide Program” (RRPP).  This was introduced by Cairns Pest Control® for the industry in 2009.  A new concept on applying a pest control service with Health and the Environment being of paramount importance.  Keeping the targeted pest at the forefront of control & monitoring.  The guidelines set out in this practice are still being followed today.